2 comments on “Turning on a dime…

  1. Such a beautiful piece Kathleen, so raw but also comforting. You are obviously a talented writer.

    • Bernie, I am feeling so desperately sad for so many right now. It doesn’t seem right that life goes on … and yet it does. The life lesson we all take is that the only time we ‘own’ is right now. I firmly believe that it is our duty and obligation to make the most of the time that was taken from others. That involves mourning, remembering then celebrating the moments that we were privledged to share. Some had more moments than others – but no moment holds more value than the experience that is treasured. With that in mind – our future’s are enriched beyond measure. One minute can change a lifetime … so many lives have been made more colourful, more meaningful for the 30+ years we got to share.

      Everytime we cast our thoughts to a memory it brings people back into a our present – they don’t need to be with us to continue to raise a smile and to continue to have an effect. Never has this been more in evidence than now. xx

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